It all starts now. Introducing Genesis.

It is with the utmost respect, that we introduce Genesis. In a world scrambling to put itself first, respect is a breath of fresh luxury.

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Genesis G90

The G90 puts you at the heart of its driver-centric experience. An astonishingly quiet cabin sets the tone. A 22-way adjustable driver’s seat finished with soft, Napa leather indulges you. And a 365 horsepower Twin-Turbo V6 exhilarates you. With every detail designed to meet your needs, the G90 is more than just our flagship sedan. It is our ultimate show of respect.

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Genesis G80

For those who like a bit of muscle with their luxury, the G80’s athletic stance and long wheelbase hint at the experience to come. Power from the 311 horsepower 3.8L V6, or available 420 horsepower V8, is intelligently delivered for precise handling. The G80 stands as a unique statement amongst mid size luxury sedans, a confident mix of striking design, advanced technology and exhilarating driving dynamics that should put a satisfied smile on any driver’s face.

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Welcome to Wiesner Genesis

Welcome to Wiesner Genesis in Conroe, TX

The Genesis Brand Offers a Sophisticated & Audacious Take on Luxury

Some say the Genesis brand is too new, that it doesn't have enough history to judge it by, like the centenarian German luxury brands, but here at Wiesner Genesis, we'd like to challenge that idea; we think the Genesis brand has plenty of history-rich, vivid history infused directly intot he design of the G90 and G80 luxury sedans. The Genesis brand embodies a long Korean design philosophy and invites South Korean tradition and history right into the cabin with you; you'll find this history in the contrast between old and new-classic and innovative; you'll find this history in the scrupulous attention to detail, in the exacting Korean expectation of quality; you'll find it the Genesis brand's harmonious balance of modernity and tradition.

The Genesis brand is at once audacious and daring, while still being sophisticated and refined. The Genesis lineup may be young, but it carries with it plenty of history, tradition, and of course, luxury. Welcome to Wiesner Genesis, where the luxury and tradition meet audacity and innovation; the result is a stunning lineup, truly exacting standards of quality, and the kind of new luxury vehicle that discerning drivers from Conroe, Spring, Cypress, and The Woodlands have been waiting for. If you consider yourself among them, we invite you to come into our upscale showroom in Conroe, TX to meet the siblings, the Genesis G80 and G90. A richly rewarding luxury neuveau awaits you, all you have to do is step outside the confines of Old Luxury and demand something better.

The Executive Sedan Siblings-Genesis G80 & G90 Are Forces to Be Reckoned With

The Genesis brand is growing, but it starts off on a strong note with two handsome executive sedans, the Genesis G80 and G90. Ideal for corporate fleets, commercial driving, and personal luxury driving, the flagship Genesis G90 is slightly bigger, slightly more powerful, and slightly more tech-savvy than the G80, but comfort and convenience come standard in both models. Features like a 22-way power adjustable driver's seat, heating and ventilation for the seats, and even soft-close doors really put the punctuation on the attention to detail, upscale amenities, and unabashed luxury of the G80 and G90.

Luxury Sedan Financing Made Easy Thanks to Wiesner Genesis Financial Services

Since the Genesis brand is reinventing luxury, here at Wiesner Genesis, we're bringing a new approach to auto financing, too. Gone are the days of high-pressure and lots of paperwork-now you can get the bulk of your financing paperwork sorted before you even set foot in our dealership. Simply apply for financing online, get an online estimate for your trade-in vehicle, and then spend your time in the dealership on more important things, like test drives and hands-on experience.

Keep Your Genesis G80 or G90 Running Like New with Wiesner Genesis Service Center

When you drive something as nice as the Genesis G80 or G90 executive sedans, driving carefully is a given, but wear and tear happens to all of us, so it's nice to know that when it comes time for the regular service and maintenance, you can count on the professionally trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment here at Wiesner Genesis. It's our goal to keep you safe and keep your Genesis model well maintained and performing optimally for its entire lifespan, so it's our pleasure to be your go-to auto shop for oil changes, tire rotations, and any other service your G80 or G90 sedan might need to stay in peak performance. We're proud to serve drivers from Conroe, Spring, Cypress, and The Woodlands.


If you're looking for a luxury brand that offers the style, quality, sophistication, and innovation you expect with a little something new, the Genesis brand extends an invitation to you. Join us here in our Conroe, TX showroom to take your place behind the wheel of the G90 or G80 sedan and start experiencing luxury for a new generation, for a new type of driver-start experiencing Genesis.

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